Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guide: Dolly kei colors and key parts

I've been researching dolly kei some more and I made a colors scheme for colors often seen in dolly kei outfits.
If you look at my post "A Victorian home" you can probably pick up some good ideas about how to combine the colors.

I have broken down the anatomy of a dolly kei outfit to these key parts:
  • Tassels!
  • Hair: Loose waves, sometimes bangs that are either straight or rounded, curls, braids, a bob with the ends curled inwards or long and loose hair. Colors are typically shades of caramel, brown or blonde. But any haircolor would work, especially jewel-toned.
  • Hair accessories: Bows, vintage hats, flowers and feathers. More is more!
  • Makeup: Winged eyeliner, brown, copper and silver eyeshadows, sometimes with false eyelashes, blush applied with a circular motion on the cheeks, neutral lips or some shade of red.
  • Jewellery: Tassels, copper, silver, crosses, doll parts, animal bones or skulls, old keys, flowers, lace and ruffles.
  • Outerwear: A shawl is often seen instead of a jacket, the material would could be brocade or velvet, it would have a fringe or tassels, a jacket in brocade or velvet material would also be fine, capes or ponchos are sometimes seen.
  • Fur: Fur hats, fox tails, fur collars, fur muffs... you get the idea! If you're not a fan of real fur, faux fur can be used instead.
  • Bags: Embossed leather, brocade or tapestry bags are usually seen.
  • Tights: Printed or solid tights, knee highs or tigh-highs, patterns would be floral, lace, arabesque or anything with a vintage or fairytale feel.
Here's some more photos for inspiration:

The pictures are taken from Fashion Japan and Tokyo Fashion.

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